Island of Sicily  

Italy's Spectacular Island of Sicily

The island of Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean which lies just southwest of the Italian mainland. Its magnificent history, over centuries of invasions and occupations by Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians, is still evident today. Ancient stone relics run the gamut from cathedrals, temples and amphitheaters to palaces and entire settlements. For the Sicilian people, the past lives on as evident in the culture of today. We invite you to join us in discovering the Sicily of times past coupled with the Sicily of today!  

Sicily's principal cities include the regional capital Palermo, founded in the 8th century B.C., and provincial capitals of Messina, Syracuse and Catania, a city which has been buried by lava a total of seven times in recorded history! Indeed, visitors marvel over Sicily's natural geology - its beautiful beaches, abutting picturesque landscapes and the prominent Mount Etna Volcano.

Sicily is a country noted for its art, both visual and in literature. Numerous artists and writer were born on, or have lived for, extended periods in Sicily. Festivals and outdoor markets occur throughout the year. Such special events often have a particular focus, be it music, film, religious celebrations or simply a seasonal celebration to acknowledge the new harvest.

Sicily is an agricultural land noted for its olives and wine. Sicilian cuisine has its own unique characteristics that blend influences from the Middle Eastern regions, France and Spain, as well as mainland Italy. The result is stupendous! The fresh seafood found here is unlike any other place in the world and the sweets, fruits and gelato are all heavenly.

The people of Sicily remain rooted in tradition; they are warm and welcoming, eager to share their many traditions with visitors. Whatever first draws you to its shores, you will leave Sicily having discovered a microcosm of history within a culture today that is exuberant and flourishing, beckoning you to return time and again.

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